Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Gathering Review

It was well worth the trip home (see the latest schedule of my life).

About 150 people came. About 100 were our folks, and about 50 were from OBX Nation. Seems The Church Of The Outer Banks didn't get the memo (or didn't care?). But, that's cool, cause we had a great time. Got to meet some cool people.

Pete Rudolph joined us on stage for the entire gathering, painting an impressionist type piece.

Had lots of great comments, mostly about appreciation for the pportunity to worship (which are always more better than comments about how good or bad something was). Had one friend tell me that she experienced something very new and personal for the first time, so that was really cool.

MilePost13, as always, did a great job of leading by example. We changed it up a little...both of our bass players were OOT, as were Chad and Andy. So, both Thanisha and Rachel sang with me, Bonnie and Gail split time on the keys, and Rich filled in nicely on the bass.

And, George's new amp sounds great for his harp (that's harmonica for you uncultured people).

I'll have several videos to post over the next few days as I get some time to download and edit.



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