Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Blitz

> Another LONG weekend...I've been single all week because Tricia's been in the hospital...I'm very glad I got married if for no other reason than it makes me not work as much as I would if I were still single all the time.

> the MilePost13 Band rocks! We practiced again tonight...they're putting in so much time right now getting ready for our Thanksgiving Worship Gathering and for the Festival of Trees.

> Buddy is sick. He's one of our electric guitarists, and a good friend. Pray that he's feeling better so he can work, enjoy the holiday this week, and play with us on Wednesday.

> This morning was weird. The first gathering never really felt like it got any momentum. It was packed with people, but I just never felt like we connected. The second gathering seemed to click from the start.

> Have I mentioned how stoked I am about the Thanksgiving Gathering and the Festival of Trees?

> The Skins lost again...luckily I didn't get to see any of the game.

> I hope Barry Bonds goes to prison, if he is indeed guilty (and doesn't anybody still question that?), and I hope his name and records get erased forever from baseball. Sorry.

> My dog, Meka is the coolest ever. She hung out with us at practice tonight (yes, I take my dog to church all the time). I've had her for about a year now, which is why I mention her.

> Tricia doesn't remember where she packed my razor, so I haven't shaved in about three weeks, including my neck...that's bascially a record for my neck. I probably looked a little scary on stage today.

> Andy did a great job filling in on drums for Chris who hurt his back earlier this week.

> Our Christmas music is going to rock the house and bless God and His people this year...we're really stoked.

> We baptized two people young lady who discovered life in Christ for the first time just last Sunday, and a little girl who was baptized by her father. We use the YMCA pool in the cold months.

> I shot a video with a local guy named Chris on Saturday...we're going to show Chris' story on Wednesday night. I'm really happy with the's the best I've done so far. I'll post it after Wednesday.

> I've been addicted to Sarah McLachlan's "Wintersong" album the past week. We bought it last year just before Christmas, so I didn't listen to it much then. It's very beautiful, very laid back Christmas music. Pick it up if you can.

That's all for now.


PS. I never get many comments on my Sunday Blitz posts, so I don't know if anyone reads them or cares. If you do read them, and if you do care, you can also check out what My Pastor thinks about things as well.


Steve said...

If you need a guitar player for Wednesday, I'll come down and rock your faces long as you cover my gas from VA to OBX.

MilePost13 said...

He's actually feeling much better. Thanks...I'll remember that you're willing... :)

higgie07 said...

What is up with the Skins?!!!

MilePost13 said...

all they're missing is that killer instinct to finish it off...they should have won both games the past two weeks...all they had to do was finish.

higgie07 said...

Why do they do this to us every year?!! They tease us with a strong start and by this time they are always 5-5.