Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chris Scarborough's Story

Here's the video we shot for and showed last night at the Thanksgiving Gathering. I met Chris last Saturday just before the shoot. IMO, this is the best (highest quality) video I've produced so far. The video and audio turned out almost perfect. And, Chris' story is excellent.

Do you remember your story? It may be similar to Chris', or it may be completely different. If you follow Christ, do you remember where He has brought you from? Take time today to give God thanks for your story.



jordan fowler said...

Great story and good capture of it. Makes me thankful to see God's grace.

Good execution on the video. One thing to try next time is having the microphone over the top so it stays out of the distanced shot (especially if you have a studio mic or 81 or somesuch laying around). Might back off of the lighting just a tad as he washed out on some side angles but it did have a good vibe to it.

Have you shown it in service yet? How well did it communicate?

MilePost13 said...

Thanks, Jordan! I hoped you'd throw your thoughts in!

I thought about keeping the mic out of the shots, but decided to show it to give it a little more of an edgy feel.

The washed lighting in the shots on the left side are an effect I added for my entertainment...I added a soft filter in the shots on the right side, but that's less noticable.

We showed in during our Thanksgiving Gathering a few nights ago. It went over very well. After the video, I invited everyone to take a few minutes to remember their own story, and to thank God for what He has done for them individually. It was very cool.

Chris came up to me afterward and was very thankful for the opportunity to share his story.

Tom said...

Great job Nate! It is always great to hear how others came to Christ. Really a good time to reflect on His grace and love for all of us.

MilePost13 said...

thanks, Tom.

Fred McKinnon said...

great work! inspiring story, for sure!

MilePost13 said...


Anonymous said...
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