Friday, November 2, 2007

Quick Hits About Trunk or Treat

> We handed out 3000 tickets in the past two weeks, mostly to elementary school kids.

> We gave away over 400 lbs of candy in two hours.

> We estimate that over 1000 people/250 family groups showed up.

> We cooked and gave away 465 hot dogs (and buns and drinks).

> We hung 100 posters in the community.

> We gave away several hundred bags of freshly popped pop corn.

> We gave away more than 300 bags/sticks of freshly made cotton candy.

> We gave away 136 Purpose Driven Life booklets to adults.

> We gave away 400 gospel stories to children.

> We were asked to be contacted by 41 adults.

All in all, we almost doubled what we expected. God rocks and so do His people! (and the dentists of the OBX said "AMEN!")


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