Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday Blitz

> Go Skins!

> This morning was very cool. We talked about finding your mission, showed videos of Operation Christmas Child, ToT, and several other things.

> We also had a commissioning service today. Last week, we asked everyone to come to church wearing their "work" clothes, and at the end of our gatherings this morning, we commissioned everyone to GO and be missionaries in their work places, schools, etc. Very cool.

> We had a few people say it was our best worship gathering ever, which is good to hear considering the weight of what we were talking about.

> Here's a video about our Kid's Church that we showed at CREST last Sunday say funny stuff!

> Be right back...we're packing and I've been asked to put some boxes together...Tricia's a beast when it comes to packing.

> Which reminds me...if anyone can help us pack and move our stuff to storage this Friday afternoon, let me know!

> Our communion gathering tonight was great as always. We feasted on thanksgiving food (yeah, that was awesome), and we remembered what God has done and is doing for us. Our communion gatherings have been taken to a totally new level in our new building!

> Still thinking a lot about our trip to Forefront. A lot of people have asked about it, and our pastor even talked about it this morning in his sermon.

> The MIlePost13 Band (our worship band) has been invited to participate in the local Festival of Trees at the end of November. We'll be playing Christmas music for an's a great opportunity to build a bridge to our community. We're stoked!

> We had at least one family come this morning for the first time because of Trunk or Treat! Make sure you check out all of the ToT Pics.

> We've got just ONE gathering next Sunday at 11. Come out early and me on mission as we serve those participating in the OBX Marathon!

> There's lots more I could talk about, but it can wait until next time. That's all for now.


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